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What is CANOVA Immune Therapy?
CANOVA is an Immune Support from Brazil, that brings back the Balance of your immune system and its' response. Balanced Immunity is the Strength of your Immune system. Strong Immunity means a Strong Body (Physically and Mentally). So, CANOVA Strengthens your own body to fight against the diseases in a 100% natural way! CANOVA gives symptomatic relief from the side effects from other medications or medical treatment, surgery, chronic conditions, allergies, and many others common illnesses by improving the functions of your Immune System
What is the main benefit of taking CANOVA
CANOVA Immune therapy stimulates the body's defense mechanism naturally, and helps the body to prevent, or fight against infections, inflammation or any unwanted biological invasions. Regular intake of CANOVA builds up the body's Immune Memory(Improves Adaptive Immune Response) that helps prevent or cure the symptoms experienced. Ultimately, gives a life, free of common illnesses, thus Improves the Quality of Life of you and your family, eventually the lives of the next generations. Healthy Living!
How popular is CANOVA ?
Today, we serve millions of people worldwide. Many doctors are prescribing and recommending CANOVA
Can CANOVA Immune Therapy be used for treating recurring illnesses?
Yes, CANOVA reduces the number and intensity of the episodes or relapses. CANOVA also prevents from getting common illnesses.
Can CANOVA be taken with other medicines?
Yes, CANOVA is a supportive treatment with no known adverse effects, meaning, it can be safely taken with any other treatment. CANOVA also gives relief from the harmful side effects of medication, surgery, procedures or other medical treatments.
Has CANOVA been Scientifically researched?
Long hours, those transformed into years of hard work by several scientists, doctors, and professors have made CANOVA an unique, scientifically researched immune support. CANOVA has 23 research publications in various international life science journals, 7 university published papers, and has over 20 papers published in various international congresses.
For how long CANOVA must be continued?
The macrophages in your body activates within 48 hours and within 20 days, you will start to observe the symptomatic relief from taking CANOVA. It is important to note that one must follow regular intake of CANOVA for a minimum of 3 months. Continue CANOVA until the symptoms are completely cured. CANOVA is a therapy for your Immunity which is to be continued for 1 or even 2 years. This time is necessary for: 1. Restoring back the good health and functions of your immune system and its' response to fight against diseases. 2. Helping body to naturally build the immune memory against several pathologies with time. Because it is a therapy, the duration of treatment varies with the intensity of an illness.
Can I use CANOVA by myself without a doctor's prescription?
CANOVA cures and prevents the self-diagnosable symptoms of a weak immune system (very common symptoms include having chronic infections, inflammation, any allergies, common cold and cough, etc.)
Is CANOVA safe?
CANOVA is safe, has no noticeable adverse effects and is non-toxic. CANOVA 's safety and non-toxicity is also proven and published in international journals
Is CANOVA Immune Therapy safe to use when pregnant?
CANOVA is safe and has no adverse effects on pregnant women. CANOVA is a supportive medicine as mentioned above. Women must anyways practice special care and vigilance during pregnancy and in case of any observed reactions, they must consult a physician at the earliest.
Can I give CANOVA to my children?
CANOVA is safe and has no adverse effects on the children of any age. CANOVA is a supportive medicine as mentioned above. Please check for the dosage mentioned on the pack. Parents must practice special vigilance on their children while they are taking any medication and in cases of any observed reactions must consult a physician at the earliest.
Interactions of CANOVA with other drugs?
CANOVA has no known interaction with any other drug.
Contra-Indication of CANOVA?
CANOVA has no known contra-indications.