Our Proud History

A History of Perseverance and Success


A potent immunity enhancer, has been in use effectively since middle of 20 th century.Dr. Francisco Canova develops a medicine for his ailing mother who subsequently got better due to the medication.

1950 – 1980

Prescribed in Argentina by Dr. Francisco Canova, until his death in 1961 at age 77, and by several other experienced physicians.

From the 80’s on

A renowned Prof. Dr. Martin Laguens, of the National University of La Plata, Argentina initiated important studies and researches on the efficacy of the medicine, and its mode of action.


Dr. Roberto Piraino, a respected university professor, public man and a physician by himself came in an agreement with the family of Dr. Francisco Canova and acquired the rights of Canova, and brought it to Brazil.


Numerous studies and researches about the mechanisms of action were completed by several prestigious Brazilian institutions, such as the Federal University of Paraná, State University of Maringá, State University of Campinas, State University of Rio de Janeiro and Federal University of Pará,


Canova do Brasil requests the registry of the patent of immunity enhancer Canova in the National Institute of Industrial Property – INPI.


In response to a visit by South African authorities to Canova do Brasil, a team of physicians and scientists is sent to study the results of Canova in patients with HIV/AIDS


A team of physicians from the republic of Botswana develops a clinical study in more than 100 patients with HIV AIDS and finds promising results.


Canova is listed in USFDA – Food and Drug Administration, in the United States of America and authorized to be industrially manufactured and commercialized in that country.

Since 2006

Canova has been serving millions of patients in more than 10 countries.


Canova do Brasil collaborated with Canova of India, a division of Dr. Raj and launches Canova in India.


Canova do Brasil collaboration with Canova of India, a division of Dr. Raj Homoeo and launches in India for the first time.